todays evening

opening | 8pm | 1st of march | you are invited by:eröffnung | 20 uhr | 1. märz | es laden ein:

Philipp Scherzer | Adrian Knuppertz | Feliks Aleksander

to our transition space in Willner Brauerei Berlin, Berliner Straße 80 in 13189 Berlin-Pankow

#the euro flee market is gone, mr.berggruen collects, the old brewery is also his and we got used to temporary spaces. fullfilled with photo- and videography, surrounded by a pizzeria, a chimney on the roof and the KlubDerRepublik in the basement; it is up to you to follow our invitation in forms you would like the evening to be.. a.. vernissage, mediteranian supper, beer tasting, ruin porn tourism, gentrificulture tours, starter, clubbing, pioneering.#

admission: your free time.